Company Profile
Shenzhen Just Lighting Tech Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, adhering to the mission of the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan Period, the state of 863 national scientific and technological research and development projects as well as Shenzhen LED semiconductor lighting technology projects, factories dedicated to the field of business, engineering LED semiconductorlighting R & D and production.

The factory has 2,000 square meters of modern manufacturing base and more than 400 professional employees, the products covered jewelry shop, jewelry store, watches Square, home, hotel, shopping malls and other series of LED lighting. With LED lighting, LED drive power top R & D capabilities and production levels, as an innovative company. Shenzhen Just Lighting Tech Co., Ltd., with innovative technology, personalized design, easy-to-use features as well as a wide range of lighting solutions to win the favor of the userS, and to help partners achieve success. Over the past few years, Shenzhen Just Lighting Tech Co., the quality products all over the world, constantly upgrading the quality of the work and life of the people, at the same time, "JUST LIGHTING" Brand for people well to know and use.

Company philosophy:
Refinement, pragmatic, innovation, development

Company mission:
Cast brand, to set the industry benchmark, leading the social trends!